Snow shoe tour Austria

Alpenhorn and a snow shoe trek, January 2014

These chaps were out to meet us on our recent snow shoe trek – they’re playing the Alpenhorn and making rather a catchy little melody, if you ask me. The Lungau is one of the few places where you’ll still find the locals playing the Alpenhorn – and it’s not just for the tourists; the people here believe in sustaining their traditions… And they love the attention!

Below you’ll find some pics from our latest snow shoe tour in the Lungau Nockbergen. As usual, a few of us had some cobwebs to blow away, so we were taking it fairly easy, but regardless the conditions were absolutely amazing.

Believe it or not, this wasn’t all that high above the valley but, as the photos show, there was fabulous powder everywhere.

Snows have come from the south this season, which is good for us (Lungau is unusual because it gets snow from the south and the north – most resorts get one or the other). The bigger resorts, especially those in the Tirol, are struggling so far this season. Snow conditions for them have been fairly poor so far, compared to usual. Fortunately for us, we already have a good base, which bodes well for anyone heading out this way later in the season. Hooray!

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