Spanish skier in avalanche

Amazing video of skier in avalanche

Check out this video of free-skier, Aymar Navarro, who was supposed to be filming a car commercial in the Spanish Pyrenees. His helicopter support team, intending to film his descent of 2,802-metre high ‘Tuc de Barloguera’, were caught totally by surprise when Navarro triggered a huge avalanche.

This film includes footage shot from the helicopter as well as a camera mounted on the 24-year old’s body.

Fortunately for Navarro, he was wearing an avalanche airbag, which miraculously kept him on top of the slide. But that’s not always the case and these contraptions offer no guarantees.

As the film crew themselves point out, the best way to survive an avalanche is not to get in one in the first place. Skiing off piste can be extremely dangerous and one cannot rely 100% on the risk indications provided by the resorts, or on the fact that you will be saved by a mountain rescue team. As Herby can tell you, the chances of surviving an avalanche like this are not good. Please take care.