What causes an avalanche

What causes an avalanche?

What causes an avalanche

Do you know what causes an avalanche? If you’re passionate about the deep snow, you owe it to yourself to learn the basics about avalanche safety. We’ll show you how.

Overtaking on skis – the rules

© Ferienregion Lungau-Heiko Mandl banner - St Martin Chalets skis holiday

The rule for overtaking on skis is not complicated, but many skiers aren’t aware of it. It’s simple – fast skiers must always give way to slower skiers.

Amazing video of skier in avalanche

Spanish skier in avalanche

Check out this video of Aymar Navarro, who was caught in a huge avalanche while filming a commercial in Spain. His support team caught it all on film.

Snowshoeing in the Lungau at the end of 2013

Snowshoeing - view of Aineck Feature

As is so often the case, the people who came at the beginning of the season had the perfect combination of powder snow and empty slopes.

Catered winter holidays for solo travellers and 30-somethings?

Ride on Retreats

At Ride on Retreats we will be running catered winter holidays for solo travellers, groups of mates, groups of girls, and families at St Martin Chalets.