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Catered winter holidays for solo travellers and 30-somethings?

article provided by our friends at Ride on Retreats.


After a summer spent riding the waves around South West France and Cornwall the team at Ride on Retreats are now looking forward to riding the mountains in and around St Michael in 2014. We can’t wait to swap our surf boards for snowboards and skis and head to the snow! We will be running catered winter holidays for solo travellers, groups of mates, groups of girls, and selected families at St Martin Chalets. One thing brings all our guests together – they love to ski, snowboard and enjoy relaxing and fun catered chalet holidays.

Snowboarding St Martin Chalets

Why are we doing this?

From our past two years of travelling round the surf spots and mountains of the world, we noticed that if you are travelling alone and of a certain age (above 30!) there isn’t much scope for finding a decent weeks’ holiday where you could meet like-minded people, share experiences and have your own room (i.e. not a dorm room in a hostel full of drunk 18 year olds!). Now don’t get me wrong, backpacking is brilliant. When I was 19, a dorm room, cheap booze and adventures was all that mattered. Now in our 30s the team at Ride on Retreats like a bit more luxury – our own room or shared with a partner or friend, transfers sorted, like-minded people to share meals and days on the slopes with, and having someone else make arrangements without us needing to think about it. That’s why we love St Martin Chalets so much – you really have to see it yourself to see how special it is there. If you fancy coming along, staying somewhere gorgeous, making new friends and enjoying the delights of the spectacular Lungau region, read on!

Girls skiing holidays

Calling all the ladies!

Inspired by visiting and running Surf & Yoga camps around Europe in this summer, the Ride on Retreats team are combining a retreat this season where you can learn to snowboard AND have two daily yoga sessions included in your stay. Our Yoga will be provided by Bärbel ‘Bee’ Miessner, founder of Yoga Amour. Bee is an experienced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher from Munich, Germany but all yoga classes will be held in English. Bee is looking forward to teaching invigorating yoga classes every morning, wake us up and strengthening our bodies and minds, preparing us for a wonderful day of snowboarding. This will include breathing, stretching, relaxing, meditating… and of course some giggling. The evening classes will focus on stretching and revitalizing from a day on the boards.

Ski holidays for 30 somethings

See you in 2014?

This summer, in the surf, we have met so many wonderful people… and animals (mainly dolphins and seals!). Now we are so excited to see whom we might meet in the mountains. We’ll be cooking up hearty meals to get our guests prepared for a day of cruising down the mountains, sharing stories around the fire at night, and sampling the local delicious beverages. If this sounds good to you, come and join us – we’d love to meet you and share this wonderful snowy retreat!

If you fancy joining is please visit the Ride on Retreats website or call Sarah on +44 (0)7857 965 287. She’d love to chat snow!