A spread of food and drink in one of St Martin Chalets

Eat in the Green Hat Organic Restaurant

Grüne Haube Lungauer Jause The nearby Hotel Schlickwirt shares our feelings about living a sustainable life. They believe nutrition is at the heart of a person’s wellbeing. In their words, “our eating habits and what we choose for our daily food affects the whole world – in an economical, social and ecological way.”

The hotel restaurant is part of Austria’s ‘Grüne Haube’ movement (literally meaning, in this case, Green Chef’s Hat). The Grüne Haube restaurants are committed to using regional, preferably organically grown ingredients, then preparing them in a gentle, natural way to keep them as fresh and wholesome as possible.

Each of the Grüne Haube kitchens is authorised and certified by an independent control board, which pays an annual visit to make sure standards are up to scratch. If you’re a believer in nutrition and healthy eating, make sure you give it a try. We’ll happily reserve you a table if you want us to.

All the Grüne Haube-Küche –enterprises are certified by authorized, independent Bio-control boards and controlled once a year.

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