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Herby – star of stage and screen!

Well, maybe not stage, but Herby did appear on Belgian TV programme alongside reporter Siegfried De Doncker. This programme is very popular not only in Belgium but also in the Netherlands, which is where it was spotted by long-time friend of St Martin Chalets, Wouter Verboon.

Although some of the programme is in Belgian, Herby’s bit is in English, so please stick with it! I think you’ll agree, it’s a great advert for the region of Salzburgerland – focusing on how the people in the region all try to do their but for the environment. There are some snazzy electric vehicles and some even snazzier chalets (what do you mean we’re biased?!). 😉

What do you think to Herby’s performance – did he do us justice? Is he your idea of a hunky biosphere ranger? Enjoy…!

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