Austrian Jause

Self Catering

Pre-holiday shopping

Before you travel, we’ll send you a couple of forms. The first is a shopping list. We give you a long list of common requirements like jam, milk, ham, cheese and eggs, each with a tick box next to it. Simply indicate the items you’d like us to buy on your behalf and we’ll do your shopping before you arrive. When you check in, your cupboards will be fully stocked and your fridge will be full of lovely local produce, cold beers and whatever goodies your hearts desire. We don’t charge for this service – we’ll simply add the cost of the goods your order to your end of stay bill.

Daily delivery of freshly baked bread

The Austrians are wonderful bakers and their iconic ‘semmel’ rolls are a real favourite with our guests. Prior to your stay we will ask you how many bread rolls you’d like delivering throughout your stay. This can be adjusted at any time throughout your stay. If you’re feeling really naughty, there are all kinds of sweet pastries available too (let’s face it, you’ve probably earned it after a day on the slopes!). We recommend anything with ‘Topfen’, a kind of cream cheese, or with poppy seeds in icing sugar. Delicious!

Wine Cellar and Austrian Wine Tasting (for mum and dad!)

SMC wine rackWe regularly hold wine tastings in the resort and in the winter we generally keep a tub of glühwein on the boil! We also have our own wine cellar, stocked with some fab Austrian wines (which, if you haven’t tried them, are rather good!) that you’re welcome to purchase from reception or order them prior to arrival.

Chalet (home) delivery

We can also help you arrange food deliveries once you’re in the resort. If we’re doing a shop mid-week we’ll happily collect some provisions for you too. There are also a number of home delivery services available (yes, even in Lungau!). We have menus in reception and, if you’d rather not run the gauntlet of the Austrian take-away service, we’ll happily make a phone call for you.

Local Shopping

If you decide you need to top up during your stay, we have a road legal electric buggy, which is freely available to anyone needing to make a shopping trip. St Michel has all manner of shops, banks, ATM machines, supermarkets … just remember to drive on the right! (Summer only)


Self catering kitchen

Of course, there are plenty of you who simply love to cook. That’s why we’ve made sure our chalets are equipped with a proper kitchen – including full-size oven, grill, hob and more pots, pans, crockery and utensils than you can shake a stick at. One benefit of having ten chalets is that there are plenty of spares to share around. What’s more, we live next door and we’re happy to lend out anything special you don’t have yourselves. If that doesn’t put your mind at rest, let us know what you’re going to need in advance. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it or, in extreme cases, we’ll ask you to bring it with you.

Catering service

Although we offer self-catering chalets (and prices), we know only too well that sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook. But you can’t go out every night either (well, most of us can’t!) so we’ve come up with something in between. One of the local farmers’ wives is a dab hand in the kitchen and cooks a mean casserole. If you’d like to come back from the slopes – or aprés-ski – one evening and find your dinner waiting for you, we can arrange it. Just tell us what time you’ll be back and we’ll have your supper delivered to your chalet. And the best part? When you’ve finished, just leave the pot on the side and it will be collected and washed up elsewhere. Easy as that. Catering costs about 18 Euros per person for three courses. Combine that with a couple of meals on the mountain and maybe a meal or two in St Michael and you won’t have to do much cooking at all!

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