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St Martin Chalets Ecotourism Credentials Over the last five years, our eco-friendly ski chalets have been featured in the British and Austrian press as a worthy green travel destination. St Martin Chalets constituted Austria’s first ever ethical, environmentally friendly holiday village. Throughout the planning and building process, we took every care to maintain this beautiful environment and, wherever possible, we’ve used natural materials and the most traditional building methods. The chalets are all built from natural, untreated timber from the regions’ sustainable forests, while the roofs are tiled with natural larch shingles. Each chalet is heated underfloor from our central boiler and insulated with 100% pure sheep’s wool. You will not be cold. What’s more, all of our construction work was carried out by people from the local area.

Wherever possible we aim for zero-carbon and zero-waste – we want to offer a truly eco-friendly skiing and alpine holiday destination, without you necessarily even knowing it. We use 100% certified green energy, which comes from wind, sun, water or biomass backed up by our use of sheep’s wool and treble glazing (μ value 0.7) and we also generate power on-site from our own solar panels. For those who know what it means, these efforts combine to give our buildings an overall μ value of 0.9.

As well as generating our own energy, we operate a complete recycling system for all waste. All waste is separated and recycled, while organic waste is deposited on the resort’s compost heap (and used later on our vegetable gardens!). Guests are asked to support our efforts by separating their waste into the bins provided.

We’re also very fortunate with our water – the chalets are supplied by a private spring. This doesn’t mean we waste it though. We’ve installed water saving taps and a quick flush system on all toilets. Meanwhile, for all our irrigation needs, we collect rainwater and store it in a large underground tank.

In July 2012 the Lungau region was certified as an official UNESCO Biosphere, placing us in the esteemed company of Ayers Rock, the Central Amazon, Yellowstone, Guatamala’s Tikal National Park and the Galapagos Islands.

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