Gym & Sauna

Our guest only Gym & Sauna area

Our on-site gym is equipped with a rowing machine, cross trainer, exercise bike and free weights, as well as a number of training mats and exercise balls. The space is approximately 45 metres square, giving plenty of room for a good workout, while the showers, changing rooms and sauna are located right next door.


For anyone who’s really keen on training, we organise specific packages based on health and fitness, with qualified personal trainers and nutritionists tailoring your days from morning to bed time. If you’re interested in receiving updates, please let us know via our contact form.

On request the gym doubles up as a video lounge (equipped with projector and big screen), which is the perfect place for showing your latest action videos!

Our guest only Sauna

When it comes to using a sauna, the Austrians can teach the rest of us a thing or two. Contrary to what many believe, taking a sauna is not supposed to be an ‘in-and-out’ process. It’s no good grabbing a beer, cranking up the temperature and seeing how long you can stand it. Saunas are supposed to be a relaxing experience, and a good one should last between 90 minutes and two hours, if not more. Here’s the technique: St Martin Chalets sauna

  1. Leave the beer until you’ve finished (there’ll be plenty of time to take on fluids, but they should be of the H2O variety!).
  2. Grab a towel and dressing gown from reception.
  3. The folklore is true, the Austrian tradition is to sit in the sauna naked (they say it’s more hygienic). If you want to be naked, go ahead. If you want to wear a swimming costume, that’s fine too.
  4. Let yourself into the sauna and crank up the heat to a temperature you think you can stand for 15 minutes.
  5. Set the timer for your desired stay – aim for at least 10 to 15 minutes, but no more than 20.
  6. Put down a towel and sit / lie on it.
  7. The higher up you sit, the hotter it will be.
  8. Relax – chat to your friends or, better still, just think your thoughts (you can think about those great turns you’ve been making!).
  9. If you’re finding it easy, add to the heat. If it’s too hot, sit a little lower.
  10. When your time is up, go straight outside and cool down. Either stand outside in the cold (please keep a towel on if you went for the naked option!) or, if you’re feeling strong, take a few steps into the pond and splash yourself with icy water. It feels amazing – especially on your head. If you’re really brave, you’ll get right in and have a dip, but don’t stay in too long. If you go numb and start losing fingers, you’ve overdone it.
  11. Dry yourself off and wrap yourself in your dressing gown.
  12. Go back inside and pour yourself a glass of refreshing water. Drink that, and maybe another, then pour yourself a third, grab a magazine, turn the radio on low and take a seat in one of the indoor sunloungers (or outdoor if it’s warm outside).
  13. Relax. If you can stay awake after all this on top of a day’s skiing, you’re doing well.
  14. When you’re ready, and if you have time, repeat the whole thing once more.
  15. Now you’re ready for that beer.

Please note, to conserve energy the sauna is not permanently heated but, to ensure it’s nice and hot when you return from skiing, we turn it on at 5pm each day.

Austrian Massage & Beauty Treatments

If you feel like indulging further, you can, thanks to an agreement with a local hotel, we also offer all-year-round massages, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials and cosmetic treatments. Click here to spoil yourself…

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