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Scuba diving in the crystal waters of…err… Austria?!

Want to Scuba dive the Austrian Green Lake, Grüner See? See our dive trips to Austria.

green lake Austria

Diving in Austria

Did you know that there’s a lake in Styria, Austria called Grüner See (Green Lake), which is known for its clear, emerald-green waters? Maybe you did, but did you know this:

Most of the time the lake sits inside a pleasant wooded park, but sometimes, when melting snow or heavy rain runs off the surrounding mountains, the water level can rise dramatically, leaving the whole park completely submerged.

SCUBA Austria - Grüner See

Grüner See is at its fullest in the spring, when the sun has worked its magic and melted the snow from the nearby peaks. At this point – usually in June – the water can be ten metres deeper than normal.

Grüner See, Austria

Although SCUBA diving in Austria may sound like a bit of a paradox, at this time of year, this lake becomes a bit of a sensation. With trees, park benches and even a bridge underwater, it makes an extremely unusual dive site.

If you’re not a big jesse (like me) and can tolerate a bit of cold water, there are opportunities for divers all over Austria. Glacial waters are typically very cold but can also be extremely clear – the holy grail among divers, I’m told.

Our very own Herby is a keen diver, so if you’d like to explore the options of diving in Austria, drop us a line and we’ll send you some options or check out our diving packages.

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[These images were taken by photographer and diving enthusiast, Marc Henauer. Article source here.]