Silhouette - mountain and hiker

Sometimes you just get the perfect shot

I’m happy to admit, I’m no expert photographer, but when you spend as much time in the great outdoors as I do, sometimes you get unexpected opportunities. This photo came from one of our dawn walks – an activity we do pretty much every week throughout the season, conditions permitting. We walk with our guests, and sometimes with some guests from one of the local hotels (if they can get up that early!), and head up into a secret spot on the mountain, where the view of the sunrise is truly spectacular.

It’s not pleasant getting out of bed that early, but I must have done that walk hundreds of times now and, even then, it’s worth it every time. What makes it even more special is the wonderful breakfast awaiting us, as a reward for our efforts.

I hope one day you’ll be able to join us on that walk – it’s a view that’s hard to forget.

Silhouette dawn walk, Austria, Lungau