Landscape Cycling in Lungau

Lungau Cycling Guide

This page provides an overall guide to the cycle routes in and around the Lungau valley, kindly provided by Clare Taylor of Chalet Buche. It then links off to some further pages, which cover some of the routes in a little more detail, sometimes with pictures that should help you find your way. We hope you find it useful. There are truly some wonderful cycle paths and sights to see in the area, and there’s no better way to see them than on one mountain bikes or electric ‘E-Bikes’, which are available to hire from reception. Happy travels!

Cycling in Lungau

Valleys to cycle in the Lungau

If you look at a map of the mountain range in the Lungau around St Michael, you can see 8 valleys from left to right. We have explored most of them so I thought I would write about our experiences to help you in your various excursions in the area. When I have stated “cycle”, that means it is viable from the chalets at St Martin to E-bike to the destination and back comfortably in one day.

Muhr Valley (also a nice walk)

This valley leads to the source of the River Mur. We E-biked up the valley road as far as Muhr but had to turn back due to bad weather. The source of the River Mur is the start of the Muhrradweg (a long distance cycle route), which follows the river for some 360 kilometres to the Slovenian border at Bad Radkersberg. Still lots of exploring to do, including the Rotgüldensee.

Cycling in the Muhr Valley

Weisspriach Valley (also a nice walk)

Lovely valley to E-bike in via Mauterndorf. You can E-bike up this pretty valley to the Dicktlerhütte to have something to eat. You then have a choice to cycle further up a very steep/rubbly track, which then flattens out along the river to the Granglerhütte where you can recharge the bike’s batteries.

If you don’t fancy cycling, you can just drive into the valley, park your car at the designated car parks and then walk. Or park your car at the last car park on the right before the Granglerhütte, and then start walking up through the woods and along the forest path to the Tonimörtlhütte (also Wirpitschsee, just below hut) where we had a very good lunch, back down the path. If you go by car, there is a small toll to pay just past the Tonimörtlhütte.

Göriach Valley (also a nice walk)

This was also a lovely valley to cycle in and is one of our favourites. You can see a full report here.

E-bike via Tamsweg and then make a steady climb out of St Andrä on the road and then to Hintergöriach on the path, which flattens out to the Göriach Hut Village. This is a lovely collection of 9 alpine huts, which can be rented if you feel so inclined. You can have lunch here at the Hansalhütte, where you can also re-charge batteries. From here there are various choices: hike to the waterfall, approx 15 minutes; or head to the Landawirseen lakes, approx 2 hours. (Alternatively one could drive and park outside the Göriach Hut Village and then walk up to the Landawirsee.)

Lessach Valley

Lessach Valley (also a nice walk)

We fell in love with this valley (pictured above, courtesy of the Lungau Tourst Office). It was slightly easier to cycle to than the Goriach valley, but is equally beautiful. Again you can read a full report here.

Take your E-bike via Tamsweg and then climb out on an easy road to Lessach and into the valley, passing a toll by a bridge over the river. It is mostly flat here and lovely cycling. You pass the Lenznalm on the right where you can recharge the batteries, or just stop and have a delicious meal. Plenty of delicious chanterelle dishes here. Or you could continue to the Laßhoferalm, just a little further on, where there is a Kegelscheiben (outdoor bowling lane)!


Other Cycling Routes

  1. The Mitterbergrunde starting from St Martin, follow the signs.
  2. The start of the Murradweg, going to Tamsweg and beyond before turning right at Madling and cycling through Tomatal back to St Margarethen.

These are all bike rides that we have done and survived, so I’m sure you will too! Our favourite valley to cycle in is Lessach – not too difficult to reach but wonderful!

Clare Taylor

[Image credit: top image ©Ferienregion Lungau-Heiko Mandl]