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Austrian Alpine Fitness Holiday Packages

As if the fresh air weren’t enough, Jodi has a Diploma in Wellness and holds an aqua training class three times-a-week in a local pool. She is also a Nordic Walking Trainer Professional and qualified mountain guide – regularly taking groups walking, skiing and snow shoeing in the mountains that surround the resort.

Just picture your healthy Austrian fitness holiday escape…

As you wander through the forest, guided by your friendly, English-speaking hosts (us!), the mating calls of over 90 stags echo through the valley. Wild mushrooms (chanterelles and ceps) cover the forest floors and they truly are delicious.

When you reach your destination, you enjoy a traditional roast venison supper in the hunters’ lodge. The next day you wander at up to 2500m above sea-level, where you walk past mountain lakes nestled between majestic summits.

The day after that you take a tour of the local farm shops, where a delicious, home-grown organic (goes without saying!!) product awaits your palette. When you return to your chalet, you take a well-deserved rest and relax with a sauna and maybe treat yourself to a drop of Austrian red wine. What, on Earth, could be better?

Our Austrian Fitness Holidays

If the above sounds too good to resist, the below Austrian fitness holidays and packages might just hit the mark!

As with all our ‘packages’, everything can be tailored to your requirements or fitness levels. Nothing is set so simply have a read and get in touch with us for more details or with questions.

Find out more about our Mountain Ladies of Lungau Package

Not matter which sporting challenge you’re working towards, this sweat-inducing Austrian fitness holiday escape in the Alps is guaranteed to inspire and condition in equal measures!

So come and experience the ultimate outdoor playground during our 4-day mountain fitness escape where you’ll contour the peaks, valleys and trails of Austria’s newest UNESCO Biosphere Reserve alongside some particularly fit local

Find out more about our Austrian Fitness Package

This itinerary will provide some fabulous intermediate fitness activity throughout your stay. From Nordic walking along the banks of Mur and through Saumoos highland moors, to sauna & stretching sessions plus guided MTB/road cycle rides, you’ll soon burn through plenty of calories. Don’t worry though, there are some delicious meals included too! Find out more by clicking the link above.

Find out more about our Austrian Mountain Fitness Package

This one is for the more advanced fitness fanatics, with multiple high and mountain walks, bike rides and other activities to get you super fit. It includes personal training and dietary / nutrition advice throughout your stay too. Click the link above for more info.

Austria – the height of healthy living

The high altitude of the Lungau region (above 1000m) is especially beneficial for improving health and fitness and an active vacation at St Martin Chalets can have a long lasting positive effect on a person’s wellbeing.

The 2009 World Competitiveness Yearbook found that Austria not only had one of the best qualities of life in Europe, but also had the lowest level of environmental pollution in the whole of Europe. Studies have shown that the production of red blood cells is increased at these altitudes and, after a longer period, even a notable reduction in weight can be achieved. The healthy climate “Reizklima” has positively helped with the treatment of several chronic illnesses, which include bronchitis and sinusitus, asthma caused by allergies, hay fever, skin diseases such as neurodermitis and psoriasis, chronic infections of the joints (arthritis and rheumatism) and heart disease.

Copyright Lungauer marathon St Martin Chalets Lungau is a focal point for healthy, natural living and wellbeing. Even if you come here to let your hair down and relax, the climate is so pleasant and there are so many opportunities for exercise and fresh air, you won’t be able to resist its sense of outdoor adventure and (hopefully) our Austrian fitness holidays.

Although most people picture Austria covered in snow, it’s beautiful all year round – with vast pastures, crystal-clear lakes and carpets of colourful wild flowers. The whole region is criss-crossed with networks of hiking trails and cycle / mountain bike routes and there are all sorts of organised tours and treks to join. After a few days in Austria’s pure mountain air (and maybe a couple of spa treatments), you’ll feel like a different person.

Whether you’re horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, cross-country skiing or simply taking a break from it all, there’s a certain magic about this place that seems to leave people feeling completely refreshed.

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