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Walking, Hiking & Climbing in the Austrian Alps

Nestled between the peaks of the Niedere Tauern and Nockberge, Lungau is a hiking paradise. If you don’t join our free guided hikes, there’s a diverse network of well-signposted trails offering a variety of options, from gentle strolls through the Austrian countryside to more challenging mountain hikes. For those who want to give themselves a head start, the main ski lifts are open throughout most of July, August and September, although it’s also possible to walk directly from the chalets.

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It’s not just the nature trails, crystal-clear lakes or stunning scenery that makes hiking through Lungau so worthwhile; the entire region is supported by an impressive infrastructure of Alpine huts, mountain inns, hikers’ refuges and mountain restaurants – most of which offer something for the passing walker – from local culinary delights to arts and crafts or even a ‘Kneipp spa’.

Of the local food and drink you might come across, there are plenty of options we’d recommend. Traditional Lungau dishes include homemade doughnuts, dumplings, unsweetened pastry and various types of bacon and cheese. Over on our blog we’ve highlighted some of our favourite Austrian food and drink but a particular favourite among the locals is ‘Rahmkoch’, which is sometimes referred to as Lungau marzipan – although, in either language, it’s definitely better than it sounds! To drink you should definitely try the buttermilk with native “Grantn” (wild growing cranberries). Lovely.

Our Austrian Alpine Hiking Holidays:

As a professionally trained mountain sports guide and Biosphere Ranger, Jodi leads several hiking tours every week. Our guided hikes are free to all visitors, but we also offer some set packages that offer even greater value if you feel like following a set agenda.

Jodi and her faithful Labrador, Jimbo, will help you explore the hidden depths of Lungau’s terrain, as well as educating you on various aspects of the local flora and fauna. Jodi’s style is super-relaxed, so there is no pressure and no fixed format – your time is your own and the routes can be flexed according to your ability or how late you stayed up the night before.

There are hundreds of fabulous walks, many of which include a visit to a traditional ‘Alm’ guesthouse for a bottle of shandy and some home-made cheese, butter and ‘speck‘ ham.

Other activities for all ages and abilities


For those who are interested in steeper climbs, we have a range of routes in the area – from beginner pitches to expert-level cliffs and overhangs. There are a number of professional climbing guides in the area or you’re welcome to join us on a climb ourselves.

Climbing in Lungau

Lungau Climbing Wall

Lungau’s fantastic climbing wall gives visitors yet another activity to get their teeth into. Guests can hire equipment and get instruction from experts so whether you’re an experienced climber or a total beginner, you’ll be welcome!

Located at the Hapimag resort in St. Michael, the Lungau climbing wall itself is 12 metres high and has an overhang of up to 2.5 metres but remains suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers.

The entire wall is accessible when lead climbing and also features a beginners’ area, a speed climbing area with time measurement and an area for practising abseiling and multi-rope hanging.

Climbing wall in Lungau, Austria


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