Hike Lungau

Lungau Hiking Guide

This page will give you information on some of the hikes and walks available in and around the Lungau valley, and will link through to some specific walks, including directions and photographs to help you find your way. Much of this is thanks to Clare Taylor of Chalet Buche, so our thanks go to her!

Walking in the Zederhaus Valley

This is ideal for some fantastic mountain walks (although not so suited to cycling, as it can get quite steep). There are many different walks, and I list here some of the ones we have done:

Option 1

Entering Zederhaus from St Michael we turned right, just past the fire station, drove through the houses and parked at the start of a track. We then climbed up through the alpine fields to the foot of the “Hochfeind”, where pure ice cold water bubbles out of a spring in the rocks. Continuing to the Grandlalm, we had a simple but delicious lunch, then descended back to the car along the forest way.

Option 2

We drove further into the Riedingtal National Park and walked up to the Jakoberalm and then to the Rothenwändersee. Lovely views.

Option 3

We drove even further into the Riedingtal National Park, parked at the Schliereralm and then walked around the Schlierersee, making our way through the trees and along the river to join the main track. We continued in this direction to the Örgenhiasalm, where we enjoyed wonderful homemade cheese and speck. This is the last hut in the valley but there are other huts en route, eg the Zauner Hut and the Königalm. We walked back along the Almenwanderweg, which means you can catch one of the hourly buses if you’re feeling weary.

Walks from Tweng/Obertauern

Option 1

Drive to Obertauern and you’ll find many walks signposted around the surrounding mountains.

Option 2

Park near the Schaidberg Youth Hostel, and walk up along the old shepherd’s path to the Twengeralm See, 2010m. There are no huts on this route, so go early and take supplies.

Option 3

Turn right in Obertauern, park at the Diktnalm and start walking up to the Hundskogel (2239 m). Scramble up rocks/boulders to reach the cross at the top. Back down you’ll pass the ski lifts and horses, and can have lunch at the base, where we parked the car.

Option 4

Again turn right in Obertauern, park at the same hut and walk up to the Seekarspitze, (2350m). The last bit is very steep and rubbly but worth it at the top – spectacular views. Back down to have lunch at the same hut.

Hiking in the Lignitz valley

Due to the topography, we thought this valley was best explored by foot. A bit tricky to find, you have to take a left turn in Mariapfarr and continue through various hamlets, then park wherever you can and just walk. We only went a little way in, as we were short of time, but it did seem lovely. It’s a much quieter valley, with no huts for refreshments, though there is the Jausenstation Wielandhof at the start of the walk (where you can also recharge the batteries on your E-bikes, if you decide to cycle). We didn’t go there, but it looked good, and you can walk 2 to 3 hours to the Lignitzsee.

Lessach valley hikes (also a good cycle route)

We parked the car at the Laßhoferalm and walked up along the forest way, passing the Lessach stream and then up the alpine meadows to the Biosphere core zone. Finally we reached the Gralatisee, at 1816m. This was a wonderful walk although one could always just walk up to the ‘bowl’ of the Biosphere zone and have a picnic there rather than attempt the final stretch to the Gralatisee. The last section is quite steep and tricky to ascend and descend, but again it’s well worth it.

Walks in the Prebersee valley

If you can make the time, we would definitely recommend you drive up here – it’s stunning. The best route is via Tamsweg and there are a good choice of walks once you’re there. If you fancy a short walk, you can just circle the Prebersee itself, which offers nice, flat walking. Alternatively drive further up, park and walk to the Preber-Halter Hütte and then the Grazer Hütte.

Other walks

Option 1

Drive to St Margarethen and park the car at the base of the Leisnitz Water Path. After about 1.5 hours you’ll reach the Schlögelberger Alpine Inn and Wildlife Park.

Option 2

Head up to Katschberg, driving through the tunnel and parking further up past the houses on the left. You can make the gentle walk to the Pritz Hütte, which offers some fine food and a great atmosphere, or you can hike further up in the countryside flanking the Gontalscharte and the Tschaneck.

Option 3

Drive via Thomatal into the Bundschuh Valley and on to Schönfeld in the Nockberge National Park; park near the Dr Josef Mehrl Hütte and hike to the Rosaninsee. Lovely.