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Scuba Diving in Austria

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Tourism department responsible for Grünersee has placed a ban on scuba diving Austria’s Green Lake from 1st January 2016. Add your email and name here for important updates and we’ll email you when you can once again scuba dive in Grünersee lake (as it is truly amazing)!

Feel like Scuba diving in Austria’s crystal clear waters?

If you are not a wimp (like me) and a bit of cold water is not a sufficient deterrent, then there are some fascinating dive sites in and around Austria’s Lungau region. While snow melt and glacier water is naturally very cold, it is also extremely clear – the holy grail for SCUBA divers all over the planet.

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Organised Austrian Scuba Diving Holidays at St Martin Chalets

When Can You Dive in Austria?

We normally run trips in late May to mid June each year

What Do You Require To Dive in Austria?

You just need an up-to-date diving license and log book

Our Diving Itineraries

We are the perfect base to dive both Grüblsee & Grünersee lakes, with our 4 day diving trips starting from € 365,00 (based on min 5 people) with our brilliant dive master. Price includes:

  1. All equipment and air
  2. Diving fee at the lake
  3. Dive check in local pool (when necessary)
  4. 2 x dives in the Grünersee (776m) (contact us for prices if you’re wanting to combine dives in both Grünersee and Grüblsee
  5. Personal dive guide
  6. Transfer to and from Grünersee
  7. Reduced rate accommodation in one of our luxurious mountain style chalets (see below)

Your accomodation

Whether you’re wanting something a little more private or happy to share with a group of Diving friends, we have the authentic Austrian chalets for you.

  • A private chalet (up to 4 people – you’re welcome to bring nondiving friends too!) costs from €160,00 per night plus a one off end of stay clean fee of €115,00
  • A shared chalet (private bedrooms, shared bathrooms and living areas) costs €70,00 per person plus an end clean fee of €50,00

You can also choose to purchase additional elements to make your stay as relaxing as you need, including Biosphere breakfasts, catered meal in your chalet and any number of our fantastic ‘adventure alpine program’ activities and excursions in addition to your diving trips.

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Typical Itinerary (This is a guide only and any trip will depend on dates and specific itineraries)

Day 1:

Arrive and relax and get to know your guide. Equipment delivery / test, dive check when necessary

Day 2:

Chalet breakfast (bio breakfast box and fresh rolls)
08:00 „Taucher“ taxi transfer
2 dives in Grüblsee


Alternative adventure active program
19:00 return

Day 3:

Chalet breakfast (bio breakfast box and fresh rolls)
08:00 “Taucher” taxi transfer
2 dives in Grünersee
19:00 return
Evening catering in chalet

Day 4:

Long breakfast and depart

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World famous Grüner See – The Austrian Green Lake!

Did you know that the ‘Green Lake’ in Styria is known worldwide for its emerald green water? Did you also know that for most of the year this lake is actually a small forest park?!!

It is only when the spring snowmelt begins, or sometimes after heavy rains, that water rushes from the surrounding mountains into the valley, turning this pleasant park into an underwater paradise.

The depth of the Green Lake peaks in the spring, when the sun melts the snow from the nearby peaks. This usually occurs in June, at which time the water may be deeper than 10 meters, making it the perfect time to go diving.

Diving in Austria might sound strange but due to its clarity and the unusual underwater structures, this lake is a diving sensation. Trees, park benches and bridges can all be found several metres under the surface, making this place an extremely unusual diving holiday destination. But you need to be flexible: it’s impossible to plan exactly when the lake will be at its deepest and clearest. We recommend that you keep the whole month of June free, pack your bags, and be ready to head to Austria at short notice.

SCUBA Austria - Grüner See

Scuba Diving near St Martin Chalets, Austria

There are, of course, many more dive sites in Austria, but the following can all be reached relatively easily from St Martin Chalets. For your next diving holiday, we would be delighted to host you in our wonderful chalets, and would be happy to help you plan your Austrian diving adventure.

Ice diving in Weissensee

(approx 1h from St Martin Chalets)
The spectacular Weissensee, with its steep sides and stunning mountain views, resembles in many ways a Nordic fjord. Situated between the slopes of the Drautaler and Gailtaler Alps, the lake is known among local divers for its clear waters and enormous fish. The true highlight, however, is in mid-winter. Weissensee often freezes over completely, making it the largest natural ice surface in Europe, at 6.5 km². If you’ve never tried ice diving, this is the place to start.

Millstättersee – the deepest lake in Kärnten

(30min from St Martin Chalets)
At 141m, Millstättersee is the deepest lake in this part of Austria. You won’t get anywhere near that depth, of course, but if you fancy having a go, you’ll be in the right place. Herbert Nitsch set a free diving world record in this lake in 2003, diving to a depth of 100 metres! Today, one of Millstatt’s diving schools offers dedicated courses in apnea and diving without air, so if you feel like giving it a try, you’ll be in professional hands.

Millstättersee Golf Club

As if that weren’t enough, the Millstättersee is regarded as one of the most attractive diving waters in Austria, with several wrecks, an impressive abundance of fish and the lake’s famous steep-sided geography. Almost all around the shore drops steeply into the depths, and you can hover weightlessly next to mighty underwater cliffs, which plunge into the depths.

Klopeinersee – the warmest lake in Austria

(1h from St Martin Chalets)
This is another lake with excellent visibility where, if you’re lucky, you can spend time with a large population of nocturnal catfish. As well as straightforward recreational diving, this is a popular place for dive courses, while Roman remains make it a noteworthy underwater site for archaeologists. A Roman dugout canoe recovered from the lake can now be seen in the Carinthian Landesmusuem.

Wolfgangsee – the most beautiful lake in Europe?

(1.5h from St Martin Chalets)
Excellent visibility and very interesting dive sites are the hallmarks of this spectacular lake (pictured below), located in the Salzkammergut region, just north east of the Lungau. The “Franzosenschanze” zone in particular offers a beautiful dive site, with steep sides, very interesting rocky structures and sunken trees.

wolfgangsee tauchen


(1h from St Martin Chalets)
This is one of the most photographed lakes in Europe, not least because the stunning town of Hallstatt sits right on its shores. At about 1 hour’s drive from Lungau, it makes a wonderful day trip, or you could stay overnight and enjoy the local hospitality, in which case we would be happy to arrange transport for you.

Hallstadt Austria

We would love to help you plan your next European diving vacation. Please just get in touch for more information

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Image Credits

[These amazing images were taken by photographer and diving enthusiast, Marc Henauer. <a title=”Diving article” href=”” target=”_blank”>Article source here</a>.]

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