A group of mountain bikers in the Austrian Alps

Why not try the ‘Tour de Mur’ cycle ride?

The reowned ‘Tour de Mur’ bike ride, which extends over 300km to the distant town of Bad Radkersburg, starts in St Michael’s neighbouring town of Muhr. It’s a three-day fun ride, following the River Mur through some of Austria’s most beautiful countryside and is open to riders of all experience levels. The Mur is Austria’s second-longest river, starting in Lungau, flowing through Styria and stretching down towards the border with Slovenia.

Riders who complete the entire tour will descend a total of 1,675 vertical metres, although there’s no obligation to complete it. With some forward planning we can organise drop-off and collection at certain pre-defined points, and there are plenty of tempting refreshment stops along the way. As well as being breathtakingly beautiful, the entire route is barrier free, so it’s possible to cover a lot of distance in a relatively short time.

Difficulty: easy to moderate (suitable for experienced cyclists of all abilities)
Surface: paved or well-compacted gravel bike paths
Duration: 3 days to1 week (depending on sightseeing)
When: April to October

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