What causes an avalanche

What causes an avalanche?

Skiing holidays to Austria aren’t just fun, you know – there’s also a lot to learn! For example, do you know what causes an avalanche?

If you’re passionate about the deep snow, you’ve probably been saying to yourself for some time: “I really should learn more about this – I can only ride my luck for so long!”

We know this – we know plenty of people who think along the same lines. But the fact is, even a basic understanding of avalanches can be the difference between taking an unnecessary risk and erring on the side of caution. It’s not exaggerating to say this can be the difference between life and death – Herby and his mountain rescue chums pull bodies off the mountain every year and avalanches are often involved.

Herby digs a snow profile

Herby digs a snow profile

If you’re interested, next time you’re here at SMC, make sure you get involved in one of Herby’s winter hikes or snow shoe treks. As a qualified mountain rescuer, he’ll give you a crash course in what to look out for. He’ll also show you how to dig a snow profile and help you read what you see. Most people find it fascinating and you never know, one day it could keep you out of trouble…