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Skiing and Snowboarding in Lungau

Brilliant Snow & 250km of pistes

With five interconnected ski areas linked by a combination of lifts and free ski buses, you’ll do well to ski every run in The Lungau within a week…it’s a challenge many of our guests can’t complete!!

The surrounding ski areas are Speiereck and Grosseck, Katschberg and Aineck, Obertauern and Fanningberg – scroll down this page to read up on each in detail – with one ski pass offering almost 300km of piste (take a look at the piste map here)!

The skiing itself in St Michael im Lungau is excellent, not least because it’s one of the most snow-sure AND sunny mountain ranges in Austria. Why? Well, it’s a complicated mixture of factors but we get our snow from both the north and the south which is really unique and has its obvious benefits!

The local mountains are also well equipped with snow cannons, which guarantees you are able to ski down to the base of the valley more or less through the season.

The Lungau ski region

As well as reliable snow conditions and well priced lift passes, we also have specialist beginners slopes (some of which are isolated, so you won’t have faster skiers bombing past you!) and a bi-lingual ski school where you can leave the kids to learn to ski in safe hands while you sample our great mixture of runs – with skiing for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers.

Lungau and St Martin Chalets Ski Map

Lungau and St Martin Chalets ski piste map (or click here for a bigger version of the Lungau piste map!

Most of the runs in the resorts are blue and red, but for those looking for a greater challenge, there are a number of easy-to-reach blacks and there’s also plenty of off-piste.

Compared to the likes of Val d’Isere, Kitzbuhel and St Anton, St Michael is relatively unknown among the hardcore powder skiing fraternity. That means when we get a fresh dump of snow, which happens with surprising regularity, the fresh tracks can remain unspoilt for days.

Off piste skiing & Snow Games

If you fancy some real fun in between time on two skis or your snowboard, check out our Winter Snow Fun Packages too. Or for skiers and boarders looking for some off-piste action, we offer guests a morning or afternoon of ‘Steep and Deep’ with our qualified skiing instructors. It’s for the fitter and more adventurous among you, but with a bit of effort you’ll soon be skiing like the locals, having mastered off-piste like a pro (hopefully!).

St Martin Chalet ski & snowboard Lungau Austrian alps holidays

Lungau Ski Lift Passes

When it comes to ski areas and your lift pass, there are several options available, where each of Lungau’s ski areas sell their own ski passes, as well as selling various combinations, covering two or more of the mountains in the region.

However, if you plan to cover a lot of ground, your best bet is to purchase either an Oberlungau Ski Pass (does not include Obertauern) or a Lungo lift pass, which includes Speiereck and Grosseck, Katschberg and Aineck, Obertauern and Fanningberg. The latter covers approximately 300km of piste, all joined up by either lift or ski bus, and should give you more than enough for a whole week of skiing.

Grosseck-Speiereck ski snowboard lift pass St Martin Chalets Lungau Austria Alps

With the SkiLungau ski pass you have essentially a “free ride” throughout the Salzburg’s Lungau region. Included are Lungau ski areas Katschberg-Aineck, Grosseck-Speiereck and Fanningberg with 150 km of pistes, 32 lifts, always reliable snow conditions, as well as the smaller lifts in St. Michael, Zederhaus and Lessach.

With a valid Lungo or SkiLungau ski pass you’ll also be able to hop on public buses for free throughout the Lungau area, without restrictions during standard hours of lift operation (and that also goes for if you are cross-country skiing, hiking, or even shopping!!). See below for more details.

Lungau Ski Lift Pass Prices

Call us or pop into reception when you arrive and we’ll talk you through the best options to suit your needs, but for now you can get an idea of prices using the Lungau tourist office’s ski pass calculator. An adult’s 6-day ski pass typically costs from around €170 (low season on Speiereck/Grosseck) and €240 (high season for the Salzburger Super Ski Pass, which gives you access to all ski areas in the entire province). The Lungo ski pass covers more than 250km of piste and should give you more than enough for a week’s skiing. Children, youths, seniors and low season passes all receive a discount.

St Michael and Lungau Ski Bus

If you don’t want to hire a car in Lungau but still want to get around, don’t worry – it’s quite easy. The most environmentally-friendly and low-cost option is to take the public ski bus, which travels regularly between the region’s towns and ski areas between 8am & 6pm.
Getting around. Ski bus in Lungau

Anyone with a valid ski pass can travel between the four main ski areas for free, including Grosseck-Speiereck, Katschberg, Aineck and Fanningberg. For those with the LUNGO ski pass, you can add Obertauern to that list.

More often than not, if you’re wearing your ski gear, the driver won’t look at your pass. If you want to get around in normal clothing, however, we would recommend keeping your ski pass with you. You never know!

Ski buses for groups: please note anyone holding school, youth group or group ski passes will not be entitled automatically to free bus travel. This can be added for an additional fare of around €6 though (prices subject to change).

Lungau travel for non-skiers and cross-country skiers

You can purchase daily or weekly tickets, which are accepted on buses throughout the Lungau region.

  • Lungau day ticket: €9.60
  • Lungau weekly ticket €23.40
  • Lungau cross-country combo ticket €29.40 (includes use of buses and all cross-country trails)

Lungau night taxi

Taxis in Lungau are not expensive. These can be organised via our reception or by calling +43 (0)664 2404040.

St Michael Ski School – Lungau, Austrian Alps

Here in Lungau we are blessed with both Austrian and English speaking ski schools and instructors. We’re especially close to the St Michael Ski School and are good friends with its founder, Gabi Alexander. These guys will keep you and your children happy, entertained and safe, which means you can relax and enjoy your holiday while learning to ski Austrian-style, which is the best in the world!

The St Michael Ski School is based within easy walking distance of the chalet – right next to our nice new gondola – which makes them convenient as well as lovely! They also run the Smarty Kids’ Club for anyone thinking of returning in the summer.

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If you want to book ski school, you can do it through us (we won’t add anything to the price – it’s all part of the service!). You’re not obliged to use them though, so let us know your preference and we’ll do the running around for you.

The prices for ski school here in Lungau are very competitive and, if you have children but want to get away for a while, you can buy an all-day package that includes (supervised) lunch. The instructors here are a mixture of nationalities – Austrians, Germans, Swedes, Icelanders, Slovenians and, believe it or not, quite a few Brits! We’re truly a melting pot and we have a wonderful community, of which, we hope, you will soon start to feel part! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert and whether you want to do snow plough or ski off-piste, if you’re looking for an instructor who’s fluent in English, this is the place for you!

See Lungau ski school prices here…


The Lungau Austrian Alpine Ski Areas

The main ski area in Lungau are Speiereck Großeck, Katschberg Aineck, Obertauern and Fanningberg. Between them they provide a wide array of slopes and great conditions. Lungau is a straightforward and inexpensive area to ski where the average price for a beer or glass of wine in St Michael is not much more than €3 and it’s more or less the same on the mountain. A hot meal in one of the mountain restaurants will typically cost you somewhere between just €6 and €10.

Speiereck / Großeck ski areas – Lungau, Austrian Alps

St Martin Chalets Location

Speiereck and Grosseck are our closest and favourite mountain, and at a height of 2,400m it’s also the highest in the region, with reliable snow and some excellent off-piste. The lift station is only a five-minute walk or 30-second ski bus from the chalets and the bus stop is right at the end of our road and served by the brand new 6-man Sonnenbahn gondola.

There are 47km of pistes on Speiereck, served by a combination of gondolas and chair lifts (with one or two drag lifts, such as that on the beginner’s slope). To open up the mountain, take the covered 4-man chairlift to the highest point and you’ll have access to reds, blues and blacks, or off-piste in every direction, taking you, eventually, back to St Michael and Mauterndorf. YOu can see Speiereck Grosseck piste map here

It’s possible to ski back to St Martin more or less all season, as the resort has invested in state-of-the-art snow making equipment, which tops up the lower slopes whenever the natural snow becomes thin on the ground. Like most of the mountains here, Speiereck/Grosseck is awash with lovely mountain restaurants and you could easily visit a different one every lunchtime, sampling the local delights of Tiroler Gröstl, Kaizerschmarrn, Knödel and Apfelstrüdel.

This lift pass is all you need as a beginner but more advanced skiers will probably feel the urge to travel further after the first one or two days. You can find out more about the Speiereck Grosseck lift passes here. If you’re into powder and the conditions are right, this is the only lift pass you’ll need. There’s plenty to go at and usually only a few people take advantage. Please take precautions though – skiing off-piste involves serious risks.

Katschberg Aineck ski areas – Lungau, Austrian Alps

Katschberg Aineck Piste Map

When you peer out of your chalet window at St Martin Chalets, it’s likely that you’ll be staring at either Speiereck or Aineck. Aineck is the large round-topped mountain situated almost directly to the south of our resort and it’s generally what gives us such wonderful views. You can ski on Aineck from both its eastern and western-most flanks – heading up from St Margarethen or Katschberg respectively.

As a combined ski area – you can ski both without removing your skis or catching a bus – Katschberg and Aineck cover about 70km of piste, as you can see in the Katschberg Aineck piste map. Aineck’s pistes are mostly wide blues and rolling reds – making them ideal for a great spot for carving – and it’s possible to ski from the top of the mountain to the very base of the valley – a run of about 6km. What’s more, Aineck is served by a brand new and constantly improving lift network, which at last count could carry more than 24,000 people per hour.

To access Katschberg’s lifts, jump on the westbound ski bus in St Martin and get off at the top of the Katschberg pass. From here you can ski Katschberg, on one side, or Aineck on the other. Again, when snow conditions permit, you can ski down from Katschberg almost to St Michael and there’s a ski bus stop conveniently located at the bottom of the run (just head to the road and you should see it). Alternatively head over the top of Aineck and catch the bus back from St Margarethen.

After Speiereck, Katschberg is probably the most popular mountain among our guests, perhaps because it’s a ski in-ski out resort in its own right. The town is positioned at the top of a mountain pass and it’s nearly always snow-covered. Unlike St Michael, which is a working farming town, Katschberg is a purpose-built holiday resort. The apres-ski is more like what you’d find in the bigger Tirolean resorts. For those wishing to indulge, ski buses run throughout the day and early evening, so you can usually make it back under your own steam. If you miss the last bus, it’s not a long taxi ride.

If you plan to ski on Katschberg and Aineck (they come as a pair), you can either head up there and buy a one-day lift pass, or you could purchase either the Oberlungau or Lungo ski passes mentioned above or take a look the Katschberg Aineck lift passes website

Fanningberg ski area – Lungau, Austrian Alps

Fanningberg Piste Map

Fanningberg is often forgotten. With only 26km of runs, guests often overlook it in favour of the slightly larger areas, but it’s well worth a visit. The main pistes are long, tree-lined and often uncrowded and, with almost no way of escaping the main drag, it’s very hard to get lost, making it a great place to take a big group. Serving Fanningberg’s main run is one of the longest 6-seater chairlifts in Austria. At 2.1km in length, 500 metres in height and carrying 100 chairs, the Samson-Bahn is named after one of Lungau’s favourite biblical heroes and makes a day on Fanningberg a very straightforward and efficient way to ski. You can see the Fanningberg piste map here.

It is possible to buy a lift pass for Fanningberg, however this is a fairly restricted ski area, so for anyone who wants to ski on Fanningberg, we would recommend getting either an Oberlungau or Lungo pass. You can find more information on the Fanningberg lift passes here.

Obertauern ski area – Lungau, Austrian Alps

Obertauern Piste Map

Obertauern is the best-known ski resort in the Lungau region. It’s large, it’s high, it gets great snow, it’s popular and it is largely ski in-ski out. With 100km of runs all set in a giant natural basin, you can spend the day skiing around in a giant natural circle and never skiing the same run twice. They call this the Tauern Rund, which is unique in the whole of the Alps. You can ski both clockwise (follow the red signs) or anticlockwise (follow the green signs), eventually finishing where you started. Just as impressive, thanks to the resort’s height and geology, the Obertauern ski lifts are open from the end of November right through until the beginning of May.

If you’re planning to ski in Obertauern your best bet is a Lungo ski pass. Alternatively, if you fancy popping up there for a day, you can get an Obertauern lift pass, which actually includes 1.5 days on Grosseck-Speiereck too!


So there you have it…the Austrian Alpine ski region of Lungau in a nutshell!

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